Providing Meals for those in Need

Heartfelt Helpings Co-Founder Jerry Meunier launches a Global Movement and a mobile App that helps to create a LUTL moment for Orlando!

Go to to learn how you can become a LUTL Ambassador who helps to spread love and kindness throughout the world!

November 2015

make change count!

With acknowledgments from Kris Michell (CEO, DTSP), Sam Attisha (Cox Communications), and Mayor Faulconer for our service to the most vulnerable in our downtown community, Heartfelt Helpings (formerly Loving Spoonfuls) was honored to be one of the organizations in attendance at the Downtown San Diego Partnership's 3rd annual "Make Change Count" fundraising drive.

The vigil for Orlando held at the

San Diego LGBT Community Center

June 13th

co-founder Jerry Meunier creates a light up the love moment for orlando!

October 2015

Vic Kops Humanitarian award

NOTE.  Loving Spoonfuls has changed its name to Heartfelt Helpings

July 2015

Heartfelt helpings (formerly loving spoonfuls) helps feed homeless San diegans