Providing Meals for those in Need

march 11th

Heartfelt Helpings was happy to provide a hearty lasagna dinner with garlic bread and salad for the homeless youth that participate in the Doors of Change Taking Music & Art to the Streets program.  A special thank you to Tim for being of service & creating a Light Up The LOVE - ™ evening for those in need.

If you are interested in getting involved in this service opportunity, please click HERE to donate or volunteer today!

march 8th

Heartfelt Helpings partners with San Diego State University students from Chapultepec Hall to create a delicious and nutritious brown bag lunch for the residents at the Alpha Project Bridge tent in downtown San Diego.

Special thanks to Christian, Rhiannon, Savannah, Michelle, Maggie, Isabella, Madeline, Janine, Rachel, Camryn, Julie, Marina, Mandy, Summer, Marco, Ryan, Emma, Bre, Mariah, Emily and Mark for taking time out of their busy schedules to create a Light Up The LOVE - TM moment for those in need!

March 2018